“Music is my time machine” is how Luis Palma a.k.a. DJ L-Pro first started to describe his partiality for the sound of music. Hailing from Guayaquil (EC) by way of Queens (US) and now resident of the Sunshine State (TLH), he is no stranger to foreign land. In 2011, while touring the great state of South Carolina he turned his adulation of music into a skill set where he can keep people moving on the floor.  

In the early days back in Queens, Luis would get into any club to get access to the latest music and artists. The early music influence arrived from his parents in the melodies played at home or whatever was playing on television which led to interest in multiple genres in various languages. At first, guitar and keyboard were the main points of interest until coming across a professional DJ setup which featured turntables. As technology matured, so did his love for music and soon technology would begin to play an integral part in the music as in life.  

In the DJ game, influence came from DJs such as Mario Sensation and Mike Duse, both are esteemed lifetime friends, both are professional in this game of DJs. With expertise in multiple genres and being bilingual, there is no party that cannot be rocked. Whether it is at your local venue or your private party, his mission is always to please the client. If he is not rocking a crowd nor mixing on the radio, you’ll be sure to find him in the lab tightening his hand skills.


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